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NIHR Clinician Scientist Award

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The NIHR Clinician Scientist Award is part of the National Clinician Scientist Award Scheme.  This Scheme was launched in 2001 as a result of a number of recommendations made in the "Savill Report" to address perceived disincentives against a clinical academic career.

Funding bodies came together to form the National Clinician Scientist Monitoring Committee and agreed a national standard for Clinician Scientist schemes.  Originally there were 13 funding bodies of recognised Clinician Scientist schemes.  Each offered a slightly different award to meet with their overall objectives.

It is expected that applicants will either hold a conventional National Training Number (NTN) in their chosen specialty or have already obtained CCT. 

Further information about the NIHR Clinician Scientist Award Scheme can be found in the following pages including previous rounds.

For Round 13 NIHR TCC utilised a new application management software (TCCi), which was introduced during the previous NIHR Fellowships round in November 2012, as a development from the paper based forms which were used in Round 12 and all previous rounds of the NIHR Clinician Scientist Award scheme.

Round 14 of NIHR Clinician Scientist Award is now open.

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